Michael Wallmo
Tegnervägen 5 B
S-802 67 Gävle, Sweden
Phone: +46 26 622952
Cellular: +46 73 5150992
Email: michael@wallmo.com

When I meet a musician I play many roles. Sometimes I am a surgeon who must make a big difficult operation on a loved instrument. At other times I am a psychologist when I get to discuss the musicians' relationship to the instrument. Because of this, my profession contains both the solving of problems and meeting people - I am myself comfortable in both these roles. Obviously, there is mostly repair work being done here in the workshop. I would like to build more, but at the same time I appreciate the varying work. For example, I like to work with bows. My ideal violin has a dense resonance across the whole scale, it has the 'right' number of overtones and gives the musician the possibility to dig into the bass! It shall of course be easy to play, and respond both to weak and strong playing.

S.V.I.T. Danielsson Klockar Källman Larsson Pullar Skog Norudde Stedman Wallmo Åslund